RUMC Teen Outreach

Welcome Friends! 

Please note that this webpage is marked for deletion and a new and improved site is coming! For the most updated church announcements please visit the church's Facebook, Instagram and YouTube platforms. 

E-Giving Now Available As of April, 2021

RUMC now offers an online giving option through Vanco Financial Services!

 Follow this link to get started:

Other ways to donate and tithe while the church building is closed:

1) Mailing a check or money order to RUMC, 639 North Norma Street, Ridgecrest, CA 93555,

2) Putting a check or money order in the brown overnight drop box outside the RUMC sanctuary, facing the small north parking lot, by the stained glass window.

3) Contacting the church staff to drop off in-person. 

                                                        Parental Advisory

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